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Well… on September 30, 2008 I gave birth to my most dearly loved and long expected girls – Nadya and Sonya….

Today nobody  can say what exactly went wrong….Yes, there was hestosis in the second half of pregnancy and the last month was especially difficult –swellings, high blood pressure- things I had never had before the pregnancy… Nothing extraordinary , nothing special, that others don’t have…


Several days decided everything…on Saturday at 36 weeks all the analysis  were normal but on Tuesday morning things became seriously wrong: protein was going off scale, KGT analysis showed that Nadya’s  heart was beating hard…I was urgently sent to maternity unit…

After a planned cesarean operation two girls were born. They were rather big for twins:

 Nadya’ s weight was 2 750 g and height – 49 cm and Sonya’s – 2 350 g and 47 sm.


Sonya was born a healthy child and Nadya  was not bad at first too (her Apgar score was 7/ 8 )

In 4 hours, however, Nadya had respiratory syndrome, Artificia Lungs Ventilation,  thus everything started and rashed…It soon became clear that a simple maternity hospital can’t help us. Unfortunately, a place in the reanimation unit of Children’s Regional Hospital was free for us only on the third day and we spent 3 days in the maternity hospital, waiting.

When Nadya was 1 week she had cerebral hemorrhage of 3 -4 degree that resulted in hydrocephalus… Her first operation was at the age of  1 month and we received a temporal bypass that stopped to work one day later but there was nobody to change it as the only neurosurgeon for the whole region, A.N. Shlychkov, got into a hospital himself and never returned….God bless him!


When Nadya was 2 months our  attending doctor in the Pathology of the Newborn Unit – Natalia A. Gavva made a decision to send us to St. Petersburg to the Scientific and Research Institute named after Polenov for the bypass operation.

I am very grateful to this doctor – she defended the right to live of  my little daughter…

We had an emergency operation but with no result because it turned out that my Nadya had meningitis. This disease made zero all the operation results. Still my daughter was  alive. We had a long 3 months  fight with meningitis and after that, directly from the hospital we went back to St. Peterburg. It appeared that not  one but two operations were needed. Days before operations were a nightmare – the girl’s state was critical – and only at the age of 7 months after the second operation, the threat to life has passed and we began to breath. We were naïve to think that all the worst has passed and our daughter would catch up with her twin -sister.


At 1 year Nadya was recognized a disabled person. She couldn’t keep her head, turn, sit-up speak and other COULDN’T…

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