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This site is created for our loved girl ТNadya Rybalko

Hallow everybody!

My name is Julia Rybalko. It wasn’t an easy decision to create this site, not easy at all…. Though for the past three years since my twin-girls were born we have changed our attitude to  many things….Now it is not so difficult to say : "My girl has a cerebral palsy….”

Our wonderful loved girl, our beauty, the first from the twins has the following diagnoses: the shunt – dependant hydrocephalus, mixed tetraparesis ( a type of cerebral palsy),  retardation, partial optic atrophy…

Now Nadya’ s age  is 3 years and 3 months, she can’t sit up or stand, but only crawl on her belly, helping herself with her hands.

Her intelligence is normal. She can speak fluently, knows many poems, fairy tales, songs , count up to 20, knows all the main colors and shapes. Nadya also knows 64 cat breeds – this is our hobby – cats and insects. Our daughter is also vvvery musical, she adores songs for children and classical music.

Nadya can eat  and drink herself. Now she is learning to stand in support, to sit without support with her legs hanging down from a sofa, for example. One of our nearest goal is to crawl on all fours.

Our hope is rehabilitation in Poland and courses of "Angel Kids” (These are rehabilitation courses that are organized by parents – we invite to our town the best experts in palsy rehabilitation to work with our kids. . http://forum.detiangeli.ru/index.php?board=70.0

These are the most effective options for us as we are very limited in our choice of rehabilitation methods because of the shunt-dependant hydrocephalus. We can’t use different physiotherapy, electric therapy, magnetic therapy. Our rehabilitation must include only good professional Therapeutic Exercise, massage and different water treatment, but I think it is quite enough for us, it will help our girl to do her first steps. I believe, in her….


However… This rehabilitation we need to have regularly, not less than 4 – 6 courses per year. It costs much less than the same in , say,  Truskavets, but still about 35 000 RUR for 2 weeks – that are back-breaking costs for us. We do our best – buy the necessary medicine, invite the best rehabilitologists to our town, but still our income is limited to give Nadya all the chances to start walking independently as soon as possible. I personally is unable to earn any money as  I have to accompany constantly my daughter to her different rehabilitation courses. For example in 2011 we were away from home for rehabilitation for about 6 months. That’s why I ask you for help.

We would be very glad to try rehabilitation in Poland in 3 possible places:

1.   The Regional Children’s Specialized in Olsztyn, Poland. 2 weeks course– 32-35 000 RUR, including accomodation.  It is also possible to do any medical survey and examination.      Their site

2.      Rehabilitation centre in Elblong, Poland.  In  2012  a 2 weeks course will cost  35 000, including food, accommodation, Bobat therapy 2 times a day, hydromassage, classes with psychologist,  speech therapist, occupational therapy , canistherapy .

3.       Rehabilitation centre in the village America,  30 km from Olshtyn, Poland. The price of a 2 weeks course is about 60-65 000 RUR including, jacuzzi, massage, simulators. food,  accommodation, Bobat Therapy, Vojta Therapy. The centre provides a very strong rehabilitation according to comments … Their site

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